FREE Nationwide Shipping On All Orders.

FREE Nationwide Shipping On All Orders.

Waxelene Mission

To create the most effective personal care products using only pure, natural and organic ingredients.

The Waxelene team goes the extra mile to bring you the most luxurious and effective formulations at the best possible prices. Using our patented aeration process and extra love, we make breathable, soothing botanical ointments for all of your skin care needs and more!

Waxelene’s Story:

Waxelene was created at my home as an alternative to Petroleum Jelly. When friends and family tried it they were amazed at how well it works. Everyone encouraged me to package and sell it. When I discovered that the process for making Waxelene was unique, I patented it. That’s why there is nothing else like it.

Within 2 years Waxelene was on the shelves of 15,000 stores, including CVS pharmacy, Bed Bath and Beyond, Whole Foods, Sprouts and more. Time has proven that Waxelene isn’t just an alternative to petroleum jelly it’s an improvement.

Since the company was started, Waxelene’s commitment to the environment and the community has been at the forefront of our core values. We use the most responsible packaging possible, organic ingredients and sustainable energy. In addition, we plant a tree for each item sold.

For the last 10 years Waxelene has been a staple in the pantry of the conscious consumer. Everyone loves it, moms, dads, kids, babies, grandparents and pets. The most rewarding thing about making Waxelene is the feedback we receive about how much it has improved people’s lives. It is the solution to so many common problems that everyday people have. We are excited to go to work knowing that we are helping people live happier lives and be better consumers.