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We've spent so many years perfecting the formula for Waxelene's botanical jelly with the goal of providing a clean, eco-friendly skin balm to hydrate, regenerate, and replenish your skin. Your reviews and support show that we accomplished that goal! 

While you all were enjoying your Waxelene botanical jelly, we were in the shadows working on our latest formulas for CLAY FACE MASKS! We wanted to stay true to our mission of providing organic, environmentally responsible products that WORK while also bringing the BEAUTY aspect (two things that you don't see merge often).

Well, our formula is COMPLETE! Here are our latest 3 products:

-Detoxifying Mud Mask
-Clarifying Mud Mask
-Beautifying Mud Mask

Each mask is derived from BENTONITE CLAY. Let's talk about bentonite for a moment:

BENTONITE CLAY: A healing clay that is made up of a high concentration of minerals. Bentonite clay comes from naturally occurring volcanic ash sediments (oooh) and has been used for centuries as a detoxifying agent. 

Uses of Bentonite Clay:

1) Treating Oily Skin
2) Treating Acne
3) Detoxifying the Skin
4) Removing Heavy Metals
5) Oral Health
6) Weight Loss
7) Thyroid Function
8) Immunity Booster
9) Healing Wounds
10) and MORE!

With so many uses of bentonite clay, it was a NO BRAINER to use as the base of our clay masks. Each of our 3 masks pairs bentonite clay with different elements so that they have their own distinct uses. For example:

Our Detoxifying Mud Mask pairs bentonite clay with ACTIVATED CARBON, Dead Sea Clay, and Vitamin E for a deeper penetration to aggressively remove toxic compounds beneath the skin.

Our Clarifying Mud Mask pairs bentonite clay with collagen, French Green clay, vitamin C, and Papaw for an anti-aging, wrinkle-fighting ritual.

Our Beautifying Mud Mask pairs bentonite clay with vitamin A, Moroccan Lava Clay, and Turmeric for a self care ritual that leaves the skin with a luminous glow.

Each mask contains an exotic clay blend that includes:

  • Negatively charged ions that bind to toxins, oils and dirt, then pull them from deep skin pores

  • Nutritive Minerals that create a balanced environment to replenish your revitalized skin cells

  • Petroleum Free, HypoAlergenic, Green Beauty


ALSO, all of our clay masks are DRY! Contrary to wet masks on the market, our masks incorporate a dry blend that allows you to get OVER 5X THE AMOUNT OF MASKS YOU WOULD GET FROM A WET JAR. Plus, by offering so many uses in one container, we use OVER 5X LESS PACKAGING THAN LEADING BRANDS. Oh, and we can't forget to mention that by using dry clay instead of wet, you don't have to worry about any toxic preservatives in your product!

Which treatment does YOUR skin need right now?

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